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Why is there such a great divide between Marketing and Corporate Events?

I think we can all agree, but perhaps many forget at times in the thrall of our busy daily lives, that the purpose of putting a corporate event together in the first place, is the opportunity of having physical face to face interaction with a desired or intended audience, in order to communicate a very specific message and in order to achieve a very specific outcome.

No more above or below the line

Most marketers have been taught to think of the advertising landscape in their traditional sense of above-the-line and below-the-line marketing categories, with some modern agencies trying to break the mould by coining themselves as a through-the-line agency. I argue in this article if that line even exists any longer in the modern advertising world, and merely in fact, takes priority away from what marketers should be doing, in focussing on solutions that touch anywhere and everywhere at varying times and in varying ways, with no distinct category or ad reach (AR) formula applied, but rather look at what is the best holistic solution for the product or service or even the message intended – objective based with highest impact results (see my article on threshold to advertising messages).