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Direct Communications Specialist

Unique & Powerful


Who we are

ideology is a disruptive and innovative Face-2-Face communications specialist, creating perceptible influence between brand and recipient, built on the pursuit for messaging re-invention, promoting a visual and experiential revolution.

Highfalutin wording for sure, but essentially means with our strategic approach, specialist innovative knowledge and extensive past experience, using specially crafted, visually impactful creative that’s outside the box, we look to re-shape the one-on-one/one-on-many direct communication’s landscape in order to break through the messaging clutter that today’s audiences are subjected to, ensuring impact and message retention using “Experience Marketing”. So, in short, we like doing things differently.

By focusing heavily on the objective and by finding new ways to achieve that outcome in the most proficient way, we delved extensively into ‘the science of ideas’ that gave birth to our company slogan and is the driving force for our concepts. In addition, ideology’s proven reputation for quality execution has driven word-of-mouth growth and repeat business from the industry, while we aim to always deliver beyond the expectations of our customers, in order to go beyond the norm and in order to set us apart from our competitors.

ideology applies the above skills, thought process and belief system (hence the namesake) to the creative conceptualization, ethical sourcing, efficient management and effective execution of events, activations, exhibitions, sponsorships and productions, anywhere in South Africa or abroad. Meaning that we are always on the ground, in the field, on the battlefront, at the rock face and where the action is.

Where we come from

ideology’s team stems from decades of evolution from numerous faculties of industry, doing the actual ‘hard graft’ on the ground, with over 20 years of experience, providing the necessary background and direction that has made ideology what it is today.

To highlight some of this experience, it started with a production company in 2000, producing corporate videos and doing design work that we still create to this day. In 2006, this experience grew into a promotions agency, delivering in-store and out-of-home activations throughout the country in various locations for numerous well-known FMCG, pharmaceutical, beverage and liquor brands.

Back in 2009, this experience diversified into incorporating a company involved in Audio-Visual technologies, not only learning about the very AV equipment and methods we use in staging events today, but the techniques around doing unique, innovative executions that no one in the country knew how to do at the time (which many still currently don’t). These included innovations such as holographics, augmented and virtual reality, 3D screens, motion simulators, gesture and touch technologies, along with other video, audio, interactive and even scent technologies.

This company was also heavily involved in staging design and manufacture as well as exhibition stand design and building, which has driven the business we still do a lot of within ideology.

In addition, it also set the framework for unique content production knowledge as well, using unusual and unknown production techniques to create visually appealing content that would ‘blow audiences away’, from the realms of filming and editing techniques, to 3D and animation, to audio production and even programming.

This combined with entertainment and other impactful additions in order to create ‘the overall show’.

All of the above moulding the company we are today, flawlessly combining all the necessary skills essential to hosting a successful activity and ensuring we satisfy every customer need, with a mindset to applying or finding new and unique ways to achieve results that stand out of the crowd.

What we believe

Ideology’s mission statement is to create intimate and tangible connections between our customer and the intended audience through experiences, where message retention and reach results are improved by utilizing creative, non-traditional and innovative methods, ensuring all elements are correctly integrated into a quality solution, delivering the ‘golden thread’ throughout.

We are driven by a questioning spirit by asking the Who, What, How, Why, Where and When questions, ensuring we grasp every aspect of the requirement and comprehend why we are doing it, as well as what needs to be achieved. This simple methodology exponentially improves delivery since it is thoroughly understood and thought through. Questions like Why are we at that location? What do we hope to achieve? Who are we talking to? How do we need to say it? ensures we always hit the nail on the head.

But at our core we are innovators with our main purpose or existence revolving around being better, doing things differently, thinking about what and why we are doing it, in order to improve on the standard and exceed expectations. In this day and age, just doing the ordinary is just not good enough anymore. We have to break through the clutter and find new ways to impress, in order to create sufficient visual impact with our audiences.

The word ideology means a method of ideals or a belief system, where we certainly have very strong ideals and beliefs in what we do and how we do it, which is why we chose the name. For one, we believe in extremely ethical and transparent business practices, often by sharing more than the average supplier and by being brutally honest with customers, so that we build trust and partnerships with our clients in order to promote long-term relationships.

As agency, we believe it is OUR duty and mandate to advise our customers, based on our extensive past experience, on best practices in order to achieve best results and create the impact required. We believe that WE hold the responsibility and accountability for the projects we choose to engage in and that the standard and quality of execution matches or exceed expectations of our client’s and that of the industry at large, or even our own. We are therefore steadfast in ensuring this is exactly what happens. We will never deliver what we don’t believe in ourselves.

What makes us different

Why do we even need to be different? In this day in age it is becoming harder and harder to reach audiences and create impact (see our opinion piece on shorter attention spans). As the population grows and new businesses enter the market, it is also becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between projects and the agencies themselves, that delivered on those projects. The current level is the new norm, as it goes with all things over time. It’s therefore imperative that we continue to evolve, improve, differentiate and distinguish ourselves over others.

Here is how we stay different:

  1. Our cross-industry experience gives us valuable insight into looking at the bigger picture and ensuring we impact all the correct touch-points, which makes our key strength: STRATEGY. For instance our knowledge of marketing and sales, advertising, above- and below-the-line marketing techniques gives us a full scope.
  2. Our specialist knowledge gave us access to experience many others have never had before. For example our experience in Audio Visual technologies sets us apart from many in the industry.
  3. Our core focus on innovation to ensure impact, makes us unique since we know where and how to apply it for best results.
  4. Our questioning spirit means we always asking questions to ensure we completely understand what we are doing and comprehend why we are doing it.
  5. Analysing common barriers or weaknesses inherent in tasks and activities ensures we are always trying to improve on the standard.
  6. Connecting creativity with logic is such an important technique we use to overcome overly creative concepts that don’t deliver results.
  7. Personal investment to quality by being a small team ensures our eyes are on everything in order to uphold a long-standing reputation.
  8. Working within very short timelines is essential in a modern digital society that’s evolving constantly and quickly, which we are best situated to deliver in short time frames due to our personal investment and full-time dedication to the projects we engage in. Quality over Quantity.
  9. Flexibility and adaptability is equally important in an evolving landscape, which a boutique agency such as ours is always able to adapt and morph to the needs of the client and the project, versus larger companies.
  10. Working within tight budgets is also imperative in this economic landscape and again our small focused team keeps costs low and overheads manageable in order to cope with budget restrictions.
  11. Controlling supply chain through experience, since at some point in our evolution we did the actual hard graft work on the ground that we now expect of the supplier. This means we able to manage them more closely and understand how to get the best out of that component.
  12. Integration with other areas to ensure the golden thread is carried throughout due to our cross-industry knowledge of the full marketing scope.
  13. Targeting overall results and ROI is an essential benefit we deliver since we completely believe that actual results are everything.

This exhibits our key belief system, but to find out more about our ideals, please take a read at some of our opinion pieces here on our LinkedIn articles: You now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish!, Why is there such a great divide between Marketing and Corporate Events? and No more above or below the line.





A full-service offering from small to large events.


A full-service offering from small to large events, whether for new product or service launches; brand re-launches; media events; year-end functions; awards or gala dinners; cocktail functions; conferences; fashion shows; concerts; festivals; sporting events; golf days; road trips; team building; training events; corporate family fun days; fundraisers or charity events; incentive travel or tours; or even corporate hospitality; you name it, we do it.



Activations are essentially mini-events or promotions.


Activations are essentially mini events or promotions, and once again we offer a full-service package for these, whether for malls or in-store promotions; activations in any out-of-home locations countrywide; road shows; flash mobs; activations at sponsored sporting events or stadiums, concerts or festivals; or even for a beach or street campaign, you name it, we’ve done it.



Our strong background in stand building and technical equipment.


A key strength for ideology is our strong background in stand building and technical equipment, which combines with our eventing experience to provide for a comprehensive offering for exhibitions and trade shows, whether for education; tourism; home; food; design; motor or transport; fashion; building; banking and investment; energy; sports; media; eco; outdoor; business; government or defense; you name it, we can exhibit you there.



Existing packages that we offer to the market.


Under activations we already spoke about activities at existing sponsored properties, but this section deals more with ideology-owned properties or events, or existing packages that ideology offers to the market, for which we go out and get sponsors or interested customers for. In a market where events are on the decline, owned projects are becoming more and more prevalent.



Bringing your event to life through visuals.


In conjunction with the extensive in-the-field services that we offer, a critical part of the mix is content, bringing the event to life through visuals. The two work hand in hand and is critical to the messaging success of any event. We include the full scope of production services from pre-, live and post-production requirements including design; filming; photography; editing; animation and audio composition; you name it, we create it.

Watch our company video here!



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Step 1



What are the objectives and how to achieve these.

Step 2



How do we visualize this and add fun to bring it to life.

Step 3



Responsible sourcing to meet the objective, concept, budget and quality outcomes.

Step 4

Management / Production

Management / Production

Ensure each element is executed and managed flawlessly.

Step 5



Cost upfront and manage budget throughout, with final recon.

Step 6



Track progress and compile final reports to analyze outcome.


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Sourcing, recce, bookings and management of venues anywhere within our country, or even abroad. We work with venues of all kinds, from your regular hotel and conference facilities, restaurants and bars, to large event venues.

But where we really flourish is at finding unique and unusual venues that tie into our concept and give that extra special something to the event experience, ensuring the guest witnesses something they have never seen before.



Invites, RSVP, online systems, ticketing, registration and database building.

Ensuring your guests are always in the know and that their movements during the event are carefully monitored and managed in a friendly and professional way, is an imperative part of the guest experience, as well as for the overall control and efficiency of any event, which is where our experienced guest relations team come into their own, managing guest communication at all times.



Flights, Charters, Transfers, Accommodation and Tourist or Travel Activities.

Always ensuring your guests sees the best there is to offer on their trip in terms of flights, transfers, accommodation and tourist attractions, in a way that keeps them constantly busy, pampered and connected to the brand and project in an emotional way.



Any food and beverage needs, including buffet, plated, fine dining, cocktail, canape, festival, food truck, barista, bars, kiddies treats, you name it, for small to large corporate events or hospitality functions, the first place to a guest’s heart, is with good food and drink.



Sourcing, theming, moodboard and management of all furniture and décor elements, to add those essential soft touches that make your guests feel at home and in awe of your function, and ties the whole event concept and colours together.



Conceptualization, design, sourcing, show control and management of the staging, video, audio, lighting, pyrotechnics and effects gear needed for the event.



Conceptualization, design, sourcing and management of activation or exhibition stand building, staging, shopfitting, outdoor structures, counters, kiosks and displays.



Design, Filming, Photography, Streaming, Editing, 3D & Animation, Mapping, Presentations, Chromo-key, App development, Audio composition and custom content production for technologies such as: holographics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Touch and Gesture.



Bands, DJ’s, Solo Artists, Duets, Orchestra, Buskers, Dancers, Drummers, Comedians, Jugglers, Acrobats, Aerial Artists, or Entertainers and Performers of any kind.



Lots of fun options to keep your guests interested and engaged at all times, such as: kiddies activities, driving experiences, simulators, drumming or dancing training, photobooths, digital graffiti wall, cooking classes, industrial theatre or team building activities, and many other sporting fun.



For all the staffing needs we offer: Hostesses, Promotional staff, Registration staff, Pit girls, Models, Ushers, MC’s, Guest or Motivational Speakers, Celebrity appearances and even well-trained vehicle Instructors, to ensure the function or activity has only the best personnel at all times.



Design, sourcing and printing of banners, flags, gazebos, umbrellas, vinyl printing and application, car vinyl, fabric printing, inflatables, signage, posters, branded clothing, costumes, leaflets, brochures, handouts, wristbands, lanyards, name badges, bottles and cups, coasters, menus, agendas, corporate gifting, gobos, custom trophies, custom branding, competitions, digital branding, etc.



I.T. equipment rental such as laptops, printers, tablets, iPad stands and phones as well as networking and online infrastructure such as Wi-Fi, etc. We also include rentals of unique technology, based on our extensive past experience, with items such as holographic screens or units; augmented reality apps; virtual reality headsets and content; touch screens, glass, tables or bars; motions walls or floors; interactive tunnels; gesture systems; digital graffiti walls; photobooths; floor LED screens; auto 3D screens; 3D mapping; motion, driving or sports simulators; and other video, audio and scent technologies.


We have worked on an extensive number of exciting projects over the years. Click a section to see our example work under that section, and then click a project to view the article for that particular project.

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Generation.e Electric Vehicle Road Trip

Smarter Mobility Sponsor loop

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Smarter Mobility logo animation

BAIC Festival of Motoring 2019 Exhibition Stand

Nissan Nampo 2019 Exhibition Stand

Michelin Passion Experience seq

Michelin Passion Experience Africa 2019 Event

Michelin Passion Experience promo

Herholdt’s Solar Show Exhibition Stand

DSTV Catch Up Plus Launch Event

KIA Festival of Motoring 2018 Exhibition Stand

BAIC Festival of Motoring 2018 Exhibition Stand

DSTV K-DAY & MTN Photoball

Michelin Passion Experience logo

DSTV Photoball

MTN K-DAY Photoball

Michelin Primacy 4 & LTX Force Launch Event

Showmax Epic Trailer

Showmax Star Wars Crawl

Showmax Launch event

Nissan Micra Media Launch Event

Nissan Nampo 2018 Exhibition Stand

Nissan Gerotek Track Day Event

Nissan Qashqai reveal video

Nissan Qashqai Media Launch Event

VW Polo Neil Armstrong AV

VW Polo Dealer AV

VW Polo Public AV

VW Golf GTI Holographic reveal

VW Polo Skylab logo

VW Polo Holographic content

VW Polo launch

CELL C RedBull Mobile Mall Campaign

MMI Leadership Summit

Momentum Conference Roadshow

Momentum Conference Title

Mercedes-Benz BOBJ Software Launch event

Nissan X-Trail Media Launch Event

Nissan 370Z Media Launch Event

Puma Elite Classic Cars Display

KIA Festival of Motoring 2017 Exhibition Stand

BAIC Festival of Motoring 2017 Exhibition Stand

Nissan Ignition Awards Category 4

Nissan Ignition Awards Category 1

Nissan Ignition Awards Category 3

Nissan Ignition Awards Logo Animation 4

Nissan Ignition Awards Logo Animation 2

Nissan Ignition Awards Logo Animation 1

Nissan Ignition Awards Backdrop 3

Nissan Ignition Awards Backdrop 2

Nissan Ignition Awards Backdrop 1

Nissan Ignition Awards Backdrop 4

Nissan Ignition Awards Event 2017

FCA Fiat Panda Media Launch Event

Nissan Ignition Awards Category 2

Nissan Ignition Awards Logo Animation 3

Mercedes-Benz Sandown Dealer Festival @ Monte Casino

Puma Elite Classics Rotary Heritage AV

Puma Elite Classics Sarel van der Merwe Heritage AV

Puma Elite Classics Alfa Romeo Heritage AV

Puma Elite Classics BMW Heritage Video

Puma Elite Classics Porche Heritage AV

Puma Elite Classics Zakspeed Heritage AV

Puma Elite Classics Ford Sierra Heritage AV

Puma Elite Classics Perana Heritage AV

Puma Elite Classics Gunston Heritage AV

Puma Elite Classics Ferrari Heritage AV

Mercedes-Benz SABOA 2017 Exhibition Stand

MTN Festival AR

Standard Bank Hackfest logo animation

Standard Bank Hackfest Logo

Standard Bank Hackfest ideas animation

Standard Bank Hackfest logo sequence

Standard Bank MJ’s video

Standard Bank Change Incubator video

Standard Bank Abantu logo animation

MTN Montecasino Festival

FNB VIP Hospitality

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services CEO Handover event

MBFS CEO Welcome

Yekani Interactive Tunnel

Mercedes-Benz BOBJ animation

Mercedes-Benz BOBJ tunnel

Mercedes-Benz Dream cars video 2

Mercedes-Benz Dream cars video 1

MBFS CEO Farewell

MBCV New Commuter

MBCV Commuter

MBCV City Bus

MBCV Coach

MBCV Midi bus

Mercedes Benz CFO Calabash video

Nissan 370Z reveal video

Standard Bank Woema Hackfest 2016

Standard Bank Change Incubator

Tracker 4 years of Exhibition stands at IISA Conference, Sun City

Mercedes-Benz SABOA 2016 Exhibition Stand

1st Festival of Motoring for Mercedes-Benz

Business Connexion My World of Tomorrow Summit 2014 & 2015

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 3D cinema

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 3D animation

Mercedes-Benz Festival Monte promo

Mercedes-Benz Festival promo

Mercedes Benz V Class Video

Wesbank Car of the year holographic

Vodacom Blue to Red video

MWOT Holographic content

AR at the MTN Festival

Dube Augmented Reality app

BMW Holographic

Standard Bank Woema Hackjam 2015

MTN 8 Final

TomTom Road show exhibition stand

Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles Getaway Stand

MTN @ Design Indaba

Nissan Micra reveal video

Nissan Micra animation

Nissan Juke Interior Shoot

Mitsubishi Fuso 3D Logo

Nissan Juke Box

Nissan Ignition Qashqai reveal

Nissan Qashqai logo animation outside

Nissan Qashqai logo animation inside

Nissan Ignition X-Trail reveal

Nissan Ignition new Micra reveal

Nissan Ignition Patrol reveal

Nissan Ignition Micra Active reveal

Hyundai i30 COTY preso

Dunhill box animation

Giulietta Logo animation

Datsun internal reveal


Mitsubishi Fuso Evolution video

Mitsubishi Fuso Holographic build

Alfa Romeo Logo animation

MMI Ignite logo animation 1

MMI Ignite Logo animation 2

MMI Holdings Logo animation 1

MMI Holdings Logo animation 2

iPhone 3D sequence

iPhone 3D animation

BUSBY TopShop Sandton Store Launch Event

MTN Nike We Run

BlackBerry Touch Awesomeness Mall Campaign

Kent box animation

Kent Limited box animation

Nissan Juke launch activations

MAN at JHB International Truck & Bus Show

Kellogg’s Choc ‘O’s animation

Kellogg’s box AR animation

Kellogg’s Cinema & In-Store AR Campaign

Motorola Brand relaunch in Malls across South Africa



Always striving to exceed expectations.

We have worked with a myriad of well-known consumer brands over the years. Click on a logo to view what we’ve done for that particular client.

Do you need quality reassurance from our clients?

Great, feel free to read from our testimonial wall

Nicola van Ast



“Good Morning Rockstars! You guys are the best in your field. That’s all there is to it. What an event. THANK YOU. Honestly, I know the late hours, the last minute changes, the absolute dedication, the “sure Nix, we’ll get right into that” when you wanted to kill me. What a pleasure working with the best. Take a bow.”

Deon Sonnekus

Gereral Manager Corporate Communications, Hyundai


“Good day Paul, Thank you for interest in our Car of the Year presentation – it went rather well and I received several positive comments from members of the jury as well as other manufacturers. I think we achieved our objective quite well, which was to impart information about our potential COTY winner to the audience in a clear, concise manner without the boredom of a standard Powerpoint presentation. Please pass my appreciation on to Mitch and his team, who worked very unusual hours to get everything for audiovisual presentation finished on time. ”


Former CEO & President, Mercedes-Benz SA


“Dear Paul, thanks for your support and your note! I think this was truly an outstanding event in all dimensions and execution was just excellent! It’s been good working with you and your team, I enjoyed it and we delivered what we wanted to our customers and the journalists!”


Group IT Innovation, Standard Bank


“Everything worked out perfectly, you guys did a fantastic job. I must say you have an amazing team. I enjoyed working with each one of you. I have received lots of great feedback from participants and executives. Again, thank you for putting on a remarkable show. Oh, forgot to mention, everyone loved the food, graphics and décor as well.”


Deputy CEO, Business Connexion


“Thank you Paul to you and your team as well as Marc did a fab job as well. We look forward to having our own little get together and celebrating this great success. TO YOU AND YOUR TEAM A BIG THANK YOU FROM BCX.”


Mercedes-Benz Financial Services


“I still get comments in the passage way of how great the event was and how they were all blown away with the venue’s transformation they never expected to see such a show and interact with technology in such a “nerd friendly way”. Of all the functions and parties in the last year, this is the first one that I did not want to leave – if I could have stayed longer myself I would have been the one closing the party. Franz even asked if we will be having dancing as it was such fun. Axel sent a note to thank the entire team on the weekend – I have never seen IT People having so much fun.”


Product Manager, Nissan SA


“It is truly brilliant to work with your team and I am glad that we are getting more opportunities to do so. I am awed by your innovation and skills and we so need it, especially for my products.”


Brand Manager, Tracker


“Once again a BIG thank you for your hard work and dedication to making the stand look amazing and fun and interactive. Thank you Paul for your dedication at the stand when no sales people are around. Please also thank Jason for his professionals and amazing MC attitude – we thought he was great. We certainly feel it was a stunning stand! Again thank you!”

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No more above or below the line

Most marketers have been taught to think of the advertising landscape in their traditional sense of above-the-line and below-the-line marketing categories, with some modern agencies trying to break the mould by coining themselves as a through-the-line agency. I argue in this article if that line even exists any longer in the modern advertising world, and merely in fact, takes priority away from what marketers should be doing, in focussing on solutions that touch anywhere and everywhere at varying times and in varying ways, with no distinct category or ad reach (AR) formula applied, but rather look at what is the best holistic solution for the product or service or even the message intended – objective based with highest impact results (see my article on threshold to advertising messages).

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Nissan x Reach for A Dream 2018

A feel good initiative by Nissan South Africa, where they offered 50 under privileged and medically ill children from Reach for a Dream, an opportunity that they would generally never experience in their lifetimes, by racing them around the Red Star Raceway in the amazing GT-R’s and 370Z’s that were there on the day.

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Our BEE & CSR Charter

We whole-heartedly believe in transformation as a necessity for our country

ideology is a level 2 BBB-EE contributor, thanks to our company strategy of being a development agency, by handing over the necessary education and skills to the less fortunate, as our own succession plan for the future. Meaning we don’t just fulfil BEE requirements as legally mandated, but we whole-heartedly believe in transformation as a necessity for our country and strongly incorporate it into our business, by developing and including those up-and-coming candidates into our daily activities and projects, from the bottom up.

So instead of the common ‘fronting’ we see happening in many businesses in our arena, where a recognisable name and face are all that are required in order to ‘tick the necessary boxes’, we invest heavily in sharing experience, time, resources and our company as a whole. Training, grooming and growing our future leaders of industry from the correct path of development, which one would expect at the highest levels of business internationally, ensuring the company should never sacrifice quality delivery to the end-customer, due to those transformation needs.

Giving back to communities and society at large

As part of that development program, ideology is also a strong believer in giving back to its community and society at large, in whatever way we can, as our internal corporate social responsibility mandate, which one would expect from all members of industry. This is demonstrated in the multitude of projects and support that ideology provides to social responsibility projects and charitable initiatives, some of which are detailed in our blog, such as Ideology Sponsors Miss Earth SA contestant, Ideology gets down and dirty assisting in Miss Earth SA schools initiative and Ideology helps with the Nissan Reach for a Dream GT-R track day.

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